Have an issue with your body?
Don’t know if you should see a doctor?
Our new app can help you decide.

My Health Diary App

  • Help Diagnose Your Condition

    Using an advanced AI, and input from medical devices, our App can help diagnose your complaint, and help you decide if you should see a doctor.

  • Learn About Diseases

    Our Diseasepedia is a comprehensive record of many types of diseases, explaining their symptoms and methods of treatment and prevention, to help you take the right steps.

  • Record Your Medical History

    Our App can help you keep a comprehensive record of your medical history that can help our A.I. to help you and your Doctors diagnose your condition.

  • Look for Healthcare

    Our App can help you find and make appointments with medical services, taking into consideration the facilities, location and available time slots.

Some of Our Products

  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BPI-901A
  • Ear & Forehead Thermometer JTMI-602M
  • Non Contact Forehead Thermometer JTMI-603M
  • Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer JN-701U
  • Stethoscope JT-601PF
  • Lo Han Kuo
  • VitalongC
  • IMBoost Force

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